Emma Forrester

Emma’s recent works, including many still lives, bear an expressive use of line to portray everyday objects such as vases and teacups. An appreciation of pattern and form has been fundamental in creating these works. Looking at the influence of textiles on the work of Matisse has provided great inspiration.

In some of Emma’s most recent pieces she tenderly draws and paints pattern over objects, which then spills over into the background, thus flattening out the picture plane. This transforms what could be a simply representational still life into a thoughtful and delicate abstract piece of work, exuding balance and harmony.

Jane Bain

Jane is a London based painter and printmaker who loves bold graphic images which are often inspired by nature. Born in Chelsea, she studied art and design at Wimbledon School of Art and the London College of Printing and lived in Singapore and Hong Kong, where she also studied Chinese calligraphy.

She uses a variety of screen printing techniques including ‘variable mono screen prints’, which basically means she produces a number of prints that are similar but individually unique.

Nathalie Kingdon

Nathalie is a French screen printer based in London. She works essentially from images taken from various sources that she transforms and enhances with an acute sense of colour.

She is interested in the narratives that inevitably take place within the arrangement of a newly composed print. She has recently been experimenting with digitally manipulated and printed images.

Nick Efstathiou

Through Nick’s practice, his aim is to capture the movement of running and to inspire people to take on their own personal marathon, whatever that might be. He is a screen printer and a painter, using acrylics and oils on canvas.

What draws him to long distance running isn’t to be the fittest or the best but to reach his goals and overcome doubt. He believes anyone can exercise and he wishes to inspire you and others through his art, to take to the streets, parks, mountains, and running tracks.

Zoe Anker

Zoe studied MA Design for Textiles Future at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design. Zoe has worked within the fashion industry, before returning to her passion for printmaking full time.

Silkscreen printing has always been Zoe’s medium of choice, whether that be on paper or fashion fabrics. Zoe has a strong passion for the juxtaposition of colour, geometric shape and mark making, with the use of layers to create interesting and unique forms.